Issues for Prairie Village

For the last 14 years that I have served on the City Council, my goal has remained the same: To take on the work of analyzing the issues and evaluating the proposals before our city, to listen to Prairie Village residents and collaborate with fellow council members. 
Stewardship of the City Budget

The City Council has a history of excellent stewardship of taxpayer dollars.  I have 14 years as part of that history.  I would go further. I would set goals for our programs with expected results that can be measured. We have made investments in the past that had laudable aims but we need to set targets and measure our performance against them to advance the ultimate cause of spending your money wisely.

Neighborhood Code Enforcement

Caring homeowners make good neighbors. This is why Prairie Village has the beautiful, highly sought-after neighborhoods that are the envy of other cities. When an individual home has issues with upkeep, we must take assertive steps to work with the property owner to address the issues for the benefit of both the homeowner and the community.  When contractors and builders create unreasonable burdens to the surrounding neighborhood, we must enforce current codes or consider new codes to ensure that the building or remodeling does not encroach on neighborhood livability.

Real Management, Real Experience, Real Skills.

I am a career operations manager in the health care industry.  I have decades of experience with large staffs of talented, skilled professionals.  I have a unique experience with Prairie Village City Staff and in the private sector knowing the possibilities and limitations of what a workforce can accomplish with given resources.

Responsibly Enhance Prairie Village Life

Additional services and amenities like Bike & Pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, Park infrastructure and Community gathering spaces should all be continually considered and investigated.  The key to new investments and programs is that they must identify how we will pay for them and their impact on existing revenue.  
I supported and voted for the Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan on May 7, 2018 and support the its smart and measured implementation.  Essential to this implementation is input from citizens who would be asked to accommodate new paths, lanes and traffic changes in their neighborhoods.

Stop the Politicization of City Government

As the most experienced, longest serving member of your 12-Member City Council, I have spent the last 14  years focusing on how best to deliver highly-trained, multi-skilled police officers, keep well-maintained parks and private residences, and level our streets and sidewalks. In more recent years, there has been a troublesome move to get the council to step outside the governance of the city to make symbolic statements on national political issues. This is divisive, inefficient and a poor use of public resources.


Being mayor should be about skills and understanding, built upon years of experience in the city government.  The focus should be on key city  services, not ambition or ego.