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Mainstream Coalition Endorsement of Eric Mikkelson

Eric Mikkelson was and continues to be, the only candidate endorsed by the Mainstream Coalition.  That is a fact.

The other fact is that Eric Mikkelson -- who openly promotes "openness and transparency " -- that Mainstream made major erros in their evaluation.  THEY LEFT ME OUT OF THE PROCESS ENTIRELY.  There is no excuse for that and I have a written apology from the Mainstream Executive Director.  They could find no records of e-mailing me an invitation to participate or their routine follow-up call.  Mainstream initially endorsed Eric without knowing a single fact about the other candidates. 

After discovering this enormous fault, they offered me an opportunity to complete the survey and they re-opened their evaluation process.  During this TWO WEEKS, that Mainstream had ongoing activity to evaluate candidates, Eric did not simply promote himself as endorsed by the Mainstream Coalition, no, he said endlessly: "I am the ONLY candidate to be endorsed by the Mainstream Coalition."    Now that's just street grade politics -- not what I engage in and not what you want in your city government